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Do aliens exist?

is a question that is asked with greater and greater frequency. It is a question that has been asked for decades, centuries, millennia — but increased awareness brings greater scrutiny. More information continues to reveal itself, and the very notion — Do aliens exist?— continues to yield surprising results. The existence of aliens hinges on archaeological evidence, eyewitness accounts and correlations drawn between ancient lore and present-day phenomena. Now when somebody asks Do aliens exist? it is no longer a question of possibility, but likelihood — as in What if aliens want something to do with me?

Do Aliens Exist? — First Contact

Such perspectives originate from the many cases of alien abduction reported by people from various walks of life. More than one type, or race, of alien has been exposed; those cited in the overwhelming majority of cases are the Greys, they of the classic science fiction B-movie look with their swollen craniums, tiny slitted noses, thin lipless mouths, black unblinking eyes devoid of compassion, and grey clammy skin. This alien type has been featured in many films; a less famous example is Without Warning, the film the more successful Predator was modelled on.

When a subject with amnesia is asked the question Do aliens exist? and responds affirmatively, peculiar details surface about the alien encounter by way of hypnosis. Speaking of the Greys, one of the most famous cases is that of Betty Hill, who said she was abducted and studied by aliens who hailed from the Zeta Reticuli star system, hundreds of trillions of light years from Earth.

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Do Aliens Exist?— Word of Mouth or Unsuspected Truth

Other prominent types of extraterrestrial include the humanoid Pleiadians, and the fearsome Reptilians — the latter are not far-removed from the reptoid nemeses depicted in both incarnations of the television series called <i>V</i>.  The Pleiadians, also called Nords or Nordics for their aryan-esque appearance, are the subject of another famous case: the initiation of contact with Swiss Billy Meier. Blonde, blue-eyed, and possessing psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, the documented encounters between the Pleiadians and Meier purportedly took place in the 1940s. The Pleiadians’ mission sets them up as sentinels, watchers of the planet Earth who intervene only in times when natural or man-made disasters that may threaten the human race are imminent.

Do Aliens Exist? — The Bad Guys

Consider the Reptilians, an alien race some historians contend have a basis in historical literature, particularly ancient Greek, Indian and Chinese texts. Not terrible dissimilar to the Sleestak of Land Of The Lost, the Reptilians are daunting in appearance with their muscular physiques, green-and-brown-scaled skin, four-fingered hands, vertically-slitted eyes, and a full stature that tops out at eight or nine feet. The Reptilians have been most notably spoken and written about by UFO and conspiracy theorist David Icke, who argues they have a mastermind agenda that manipulates global events much like a marionette’s strings are controlled by a puppet master.

Do Aliens Exist? — First Person Perspective

Newer, lower-profile eyewitness accounts that ask the question Do aliens exist? are surging in their numbers. The McPherson videotape is alleged first-hand videographic evidence in Montana of extraterrestrials, as accidently filmed by a teenage boy at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner in 1997. The scenario involves a UFO landing, multiple extraterrestrials with pistol-grip weapons, and the concept of missing time. Missing time points to a gap in memory, akin to amnesia. This is typically connected to periods of abduction in which humans find themselves in different places at different times, with no explanation apart from amnesia-like symptoms, nausea and perhaps body markings. The authenticity of the McPherson account continues to be debated.

Do aliens exist? is a question that will continue to be asked. Do aliens exist? is the question that some fear the answer to. Do aliens exist? is also a question that many hope they will never have to answer themselves. Do aliens exist?is a question one’s neighbor may even hold the answer to.

Do aliens exist? — so do they?

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