UFO over Jerusalem incident occurred on the 28th of January in 2011, which a number of people watched and recorded. This UFO over Jerusalem was seen as a bright light hovering high above the city. Witnesses on the ground watched as the light hovered over the city. Then, the UFO over Jerusalem descended steadily very near to the holy site of the Temple Mount. After hovering over the Dome of the Rock for around 20 seconds, moving slightly in a lateral manner, the light flashed out in a sort of strobe effect. A few seconds later the glowing orb of light silently launched itself straight up into the sky like a rocket with incredible speed. The videos recorded of the UFO over Jerusalem are rather intriguing.

UFO over Jerusalem

Three people managed to film individual recordings of the incident. Two of the clips are from an elevated location that is relatively far from the Temple mount, and both are looking in approximately the same direction toward the UFO over Jerusalem. Both of these videos record the object as it hovers high in the air to the point when it launches upward. A third video is filmed from a much closer location. This video show the object as it hovers near the Dome of the Rock, illuminating the gold plating on the dome, before flashing and taking off.

Like many UFO sightings, the January 2011 UFO over Jerusalem in not entirely explainable, leaving a lot of room for speculation. Therefore, this sighting of the UFO over Jerusalem could either be the result of true paranormal activity, such as extraterrestrials, a top-secret manmade technology, or an elaborate hoax.

The UFO over Jerusalem could be a genuine extraterrestrial craft.

There are several reasons that some believe this. The documented evidence and multiple witnesses suggest that one can assume there really was a UFO over Jerusalem that night. Each video provides a unique perspective of the object. The UFO over Jerusalem also moved at such a high speed that according to Former UK Ministry of Defense UFO investigator Nick Pope, “No living thing could survive those kinds of G-forces.” This leads one to consider the possibility that the UFO over Jerusalem was actually manned by extraterrestrials capable of surviving intense forces during high-speed travel.

Another possible explanation for the UFO over Jerusalem is that it is an advanced drone designed and built by humans. Perhaps it was a secret Israeli or U.S. government project. Both countries have access to rather advanced technologies, and the United States has conducted many top secret projects with the ability of performing previous unknown advanced feats.

The third explanation for the UFO over Jerusalem scenario is

that it was an elaborate hoax set up to deceive people. Some skeptics of the videos have analyzed them and attempted to recreate the events depicted through video editing software. For example, the longest of the video, which was recorded from the distant location, is said to have a problem with the shaking of the camera. Skeptics say that the light and the way the camera moves just do not fit together properly. Another individual reviewing the video of the UFO over Jerusalem recorded from the closer location showed how the zooming of the camera may be artificial with editing performed after the fact. These skeptics provide countering evidence, suggesting that the UFO over Jerusalem was a hoax.

Whether the UFO over Jerusalem was an actual sighting of an extraterrestrial, a top-secret government craft, or an elaborately executed hoax, it is very interesting, indeed.

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