UFO Sightings in 2011

There were a number of UFO sightings in 2011. There were video-recorded sightings nearly every day of the year, and some of these UFO sightings in 2011 were quite remarkable. Here is an overview of some UFO sightings in 2011 by the month in which they occurred. One UFO sighting in 2011 was located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan on the thirteenth of January. Dozens of bright reddish lights hovered in the sky, some in pairs. On the twenty-eighth of January, in Jerusalem, a bright circular white light descended over the Dome of the Rock, where it hovered for a short amount of time, before quickly shooting off, straight up into the sky.

Several UFO Sightings in 2011 occurred in February

A group of seven bright lights were sighted in Miami, Florida on the sixteenth of February, traveling in an unorganized formation in the same direction, before disappearing one by one.

March also had many UFO sightings. Several UFOs resembling fireballs were spotted in the skies over Moscow in Russia on the sixth of March, and in St. Petersburg, Russia a triangular formation of lights was spotted over the city on the twenty-third of March.

Residents in Brazil witnessed quite a few April UFO sightings in 2011.

These occurred in Rio de Janeiro and Santa Maria on the seventh and the eleventh of April, respectively. People in Rio de Janeiro bore witness to a string of lights that appeared over the city, while those in Santa Maria observed an apparent fleet of UFOs in broad daylight.

In the month of May, the state of Texas had several people who witnessed and recorded UFO sightings in 2011 over Arlington and over Fort Worth. Both of these were on the twelfth of May. The sighting in Arlington was a V-shaped craft with blue lights, while the Fort Worth sighting involved two unidentified lights in the sky, as transformers exploded on the ground after a storm.

UFO sightings in 2011More UFO Sightings 2011

Continuing into June, a strange fiery light was seen arcing across the sky over London on the eighth of June, and several widely-spaced of UFOs were seen over Bedford in the UK on the eleventh of June. A disk-shaped object was also captured on film over Germany on the twentieth of June.

On the twenty-forth of July, a distinct and unmistakable flying-saucer was spotted and recorded over Săo Paulo, Brazil with rotating radial lights, making Brazil’s national news. Two days later in Fort Worth, Texas, once again, a fast moving light was recorded streaking across the sky on a weather cam in a pattern unlike any man-made craft could recreate.

There were also quite a few UFO sightings in 2011 in August, as well. For example, there was a mass sighting of an innumerable conglomeration of shining orbs recorded over Carmichael, California on thirteenth, and the lights of an enormous craft were spotted over Rome, Italy on twentieth.

A Strange light was filmed over Ueki, Japan on the eleventh of September in 2011. The light struck out across the sky before quickly turning around and heading in the opposite direction, and on the twelfth of October in Chimbote, Peru a cigar-shaped craft was recorded in the daylight and watched by dozens of people, as it flew through the sky

For November UFO sightings in 2011, another distinct flying saucer filmed, this time in Oakland, California on the twenty-second, and December UFO sightings in 2011 include triangular formations of lights in Philadelphia, the Altai Republic, Russia, and Delray Beach Florida.

Dozens of people bore witness to UFO sightings in 2011 every day, and the majority went unrecorded or even unreported, and the UFO sightings in 2011 mentioned here are just those remarkable cases in which someone happened to be in the right place at the right time with a camera.

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